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We are best known for helping leaders and teams unleash the creative potential inherent in diverse groups, through facilitating transformative self-reflection, learning and development.

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Our services help you create your own path to clarity.

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Diversity & Inclusion

At Amber Mayes Consulting, we know from experience that human difference is at the heart of innovation in organizations. However, the presence of diversity does not itself yield results. Societal power dynamics make communication dynamics across… Learn More

Executive Coaching

Being a leader is probably one of the hardest jobs there is. The responsibility to guide and shape an organization’s success… Learn More

Executive coaching for People in Marginalized Groups

Being an effective leader today’s world requires a complex skill set to meet the challenges of a global marketplace… Learn More

Leadership Consulting

Have you ever noticed that most of the issues and challenges in organizations can be found in their leadership teams? Most people in organizations are happy to point their fingers up and say…it’s because of the leaders… Learn More

Discover Your Breakthrough.

Whether it’s a breakthrough in performance, a breakthrough in thinking, or a breakthrough in fulfillment, we all thrive on those moments where our path becomes crystal clear … those “aha!” moments when we know we’ve discovered brilliance. Amber Mayes specializes in supporting those breakthrough moments. 

We work with leaders individually and in teams to ignite their passion and evolve their skills to take their organizations to new heights. Our passion is partnering with you to find your truth, crystallize your vision and make it a reality. Are you ready for your next breakthrough? We are! Come on in and find out how we do it.

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