Executive & Personal Coaching

We don’t tell you what to do, but rather engage you in a process that builds your own awareness, confidence, skills and excitement.

Executive Coaching

Being a leader is probably one of the hardest jobs there is. The responsibility to guide and shape an organization’s success is daunting and yet can be the most rewarding, fulfilling experience if done with awareness, skill and passion. At Amber Mayes Consulting we have seasoned and deeply skilled coaches who work with leaders to get to the core of their challenges and break through to transformative leadership performance. 

Our experiences and own personal journeys inform our approach and allow us to truly meet you where you are. We don’t tell you what to do, but rather engage you in a process that builds your 

own awareness, confidence, skills and excitement allowing you to lead with superior results. We believe that the people you lead will only go as far as you are willing to go. Accordingly, our executive coaching process begins and ends with you. You will learn a tremendous amount about yourself in the process that will not only prepare you to be a better leader, but will also bring more fulfillment to your life as a whole. They say it’s lonely at the top. Let Amber Mayes accompany you in your journey as you break through to the thrill of executive excellence!

Personal Coaching

There are moments in our lives where we just don’t know how to move forward on our own. We need help in clarifying our purpose, identifying the root of our challenges, setting and maintaining new habits, managing transition, finding greater fulfillment and meaning, or just getting ourselves “unstuck”. Amber Mayes coaches specialize in helping you transform your life. We begin with identifying your vision for your very best life. Then, by finding the patterns that are getting in the way of living into this vision, we work together to intentionally transform and shift your ways of being in the World. 

We use a holistic process, integrating mind, body and spirit into our practice. Doing so results in sustainable, supported change. Because we work at the level of beliefs and thoughts, the behaviors that you’ve often tried but have failed to sustain in the past, flow more naturally, with greater ease. If you are ready to live your life with greater meaning, intentionality and joy, contact us for a coaching consultation. We will be thrilled to work with you!

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