Executive coaching for marginalized groups

Executive coaching that equips leaders with tools to navigate the unique challenges of identity stereotypes.

Being an effective leader today’s world requires a complex skill set to meet the challenges of a global marketplace. Leaders who are a part of marginalized social groups have an additional challenge of navigating systems where they experience exclusion and isolation. 

Recent research in the field of diversity and inclusion shows that women, people of color and LGBT leaders sink extra time and energy into covering aspects of their identity and counteracting the burden of stereotypes. At Amber Mayes Consulting, we specialize in executive coaching that equips leaders with solutions to these unique challenges.

Our Coaching Services

We specialize in
  • One-on-one executive coaching for women, people of color, LGBT and other marginalized groups
  • Coaching employee resource/affinity groups
  • Trainings and small groups focused on developing an authentic and powerful leadership style
Our methods and tools
  • Onsite and offsite team development sessions
  • Education and training sessions
  • One-on-one interviews, surveys and focus groups

  • Ongoing consultation and guidance through change processes
  • Keynote and conference speeches
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ (MBTI), and other personality assessment tools

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