Our Approach

The most important thing we do is help you make changes that you can sustain long after we’re gone.

Our consultants believe that people have the ability to find their own solutions and the expertise to create their own paths to success. When you work with Amber Mayes consultants you can count on respect for you, and the work you do. As we partner with you to uncover your challenges, identify your vision and navigate your path forward, we remain committed to an honest, transparent, and collaborative effort. 

Our approach is one that facilitates your process of discovery and change. Authenticity and integrity are the underpinnings of our approach. We are open and generous with our own experiences and use our insights and observations to support your learning and growth. We believe in using a process that allows you to gain greater clarity and mobilize the energy to make the right choices. The most important thing we do at Amber Mayes is help you make changes that you can continue to sustain long after we’re gone.

Your organization needs Amber Mayes Consulting when...

  • You are going through a major organizational change or transition
  • Your organization is having trouble producing
  • Your employees/team/leaders are experiencing low morale
  • There is conflict between leaders, departments or key individuals
  • There is a drop in customer satisfaction
  • There is tension around human differences such as race, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, or personality
  • There are communication snags and people aren’t getting the information they need
  • Your staff seems perpetually focused on personality conflicts and personnel issues, not on fulfilling the mission and goals of the organization
  • Leaders and Managers are not equipped with the skills they need to lead and direct their staff

  • You are not having the leadership impact you want
  • You are having trouble communicating with others in your organization
  • You are having difficulty dealing with change
  • One area of your work is particularly troubling to you
  • You are feeling overwhelmed and unable to enjoy your work or life
  • You find yourself over-personalizing things that happen in the office
  • You feel like you don’t really know what’s going on inside your own organization
  • Your executive team hasn’t considered a new organizational strategy in over five years
  • You are having trouble communicating with your direct reports and/or peers
  • You need an unbiased sounding board to listen as you work through your challenges
  • You are having trouble coping with a major life transition or change
  • You are stuck in a particular part of your life
  • You are having trouble achieving an important goal in your life
  • You are pulled in too many directions with no time for yourself
  • You are experiencing a lack of focus and are overwhelmed by possibilities
  • You simply need a sounding board, someone who can listen to your ideas and challenges
  • You are getting feedback from others that you need to change aspects of your behavior
  • You want to learn more about yourself and grow in new and different directions

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